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Happy Easter Isabella

isabellainheaveneasterbunny12.jpg picture by Isabella132004


Dear Mother

Please listen to me God loves you so much and He walks every step

of the way with you,God just wants you to be happy,happiness

 is contagious,when you are happy i am happy too.

When you are sad i am sad too,so be happy

mom,God always smile when you

are smiling it hurts to be

sorrowful and life...


e-bloemen-03.gif image by Isabella132004

Has its measure of pain.

God weeps with you when you are hurt,seek God's comfort

in these times,open arms are waiting to embrace you,life is a test,

you can't possibly fail,however you can pull a "D"

Don't worry about tomorrow by the time you

get there you'll have figured out

something else to worry


e-bloemen-03.gif image by Isabella132004

God's answer always comes,often when you least expect it.

Mom this is my message,i don't want see you

 sad ever again.

Mom i am very happy in heaven,i am celebrating Easter here in heaven

is so nice and beautiful mom,alots of cute and precious bunnies.

Happy Easter To My Family

Love you All

Always  And Forever

Your Bella


Mom In Case If You Want To Send Me Something

Here Is My Address In Heaven.

^i^ Isabella^i^Bella^i^

12132004 Golden Street

Garden # 21



Mom To A Beautiful Angel February 10, 2008
My Darling ^I^Isabella^I^



This time of years renews our hope in all God has ahead.

For we were blessed eternally when Christ rose from

the dead.So many your trust in Him remain

constant strong and true.

For He lives His life in you...

wishing you all.

Happy And Blessed Easter!

An Easter Payer

O God of Easter

God of resurrection power bring heavenly life to our

earthbound souls.

Thou, who didn't call Lazarus forth from his tomb,

call us forth from dead works,

and let our hearts be aglow with immortal glory and power.

Call us out of the tomb of hollow profession,

of cold creeds and wordy ritual,

and let thy life abundant permeate and saturate our,

stagnant souls...Bringing joy where there is heaviness of

heart...bring peace where there is confusion,

bring love where there is bitterness,

and may we henceforth live in the glorious glow of

the life which that first Easter poured forth upon,

a world of darkness and may we

always be mindful of the source of this

life-giving power,

and come to thee regularly to be refilled.

In The Savior's Name

Jesus Christ


In Loving Memory Of Our Precious

Isabella Abreu Carvalho

May 29 1983 - December 13 2004


Forever Precious Beautiful Young Angel

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