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The Heaven's Gate

The Gate Of Heaven





The Eastern Gate Of Heaven

In all its glory of iridescent pearl beauty flaked by twelve kinds

of precious and semi-precious stones.The seventy two

yard wide jasper wall lighted by Heaven's

glory makes a tunnel of amazing light!

We know God chose the wall to be so wide,He wanted the

entrance to be a tunnel of light,this is not only the main Eastern

Gate and its other Gates flaking it on each side,but

of all twelve Gates twelve huge tunnels of light.

There are three Gates on the North,The

South,the East and the West.


Drawn to the light of Messiah at the end of the tunnel,this

joyous person hurries on the new life ahead,there

is no more sadness,sickness,sorrow,fear

desappointment and every tear will

be wiped away,except tears

of joy!






The Main Eastern Gate with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel

is a code now open to reveal a "WELCOME HOME" message

written there for each of God's children.The angel of

God is waiting with the Lamb's Book of life

in his hand containing names of all

who have been written there.



The Israel's Tribes


Judah-Confessors and Praisers of God

Reuben-Looking upon the Son

Gad-A peace of

Asher-Blessed ones

Naphtali-Wrestling is over

Manasseh-Forgetting the pain

Simeon-Hearing and Obeying His Word

Levi-Cleaving to our Lord

Issacahr-Who is our Word

Zebalun-We are  Home

Joseph-We are added to the family of Jesus

Benjamin-Son of the Father's right hand.





The Glorious Main Entrance To Heaven

Makes an awesome boulevard leading us to our Saviour Jesus,

who redeemed us,our Abba Father who sent His only Son

and our comfort the Holy Spirit who faithfully

revealed all the Father and Son wanted

us to know.

With such incredible fruit on the tree at the entrance,undoubedly it is

there enjoy it will be an experience of a lifetime,eating of

fruit that satisfies our entire being and fulfills our

eternal vida.We will eat of the tree of life

which as denied to mankind in the

Garden of Eden.

Now Eden's Garden is transplanted and

multiplied in the Garden of Heaven.

The Gate of Heaven

Bella's Flying May 16, 2011
Heaven's Gates


IsaBella In Heaven May 16, 2011
Flying Way Home

Heaven's Gate February 11, 2008
So Beautiful Heaven



Heaven Is So Beautiful

The walls are made of Jasper the foudations made of stone,

the gates of pearl will be glowing at home where

the milk and honey flows.

He is our Lord of Heaven and earth

He is the light of the city so fair.

In Heaven the gates will never be shut

the angel singing forever over there.

He weeps when we disobey Him

for on the cross He paid my sins

up there by the brigth shining river

enjoying everlasting life forever.

As i see God daily i find in Him

a bit of Heaven that floods my soul.

Oh what a compassionate friend is Jesus

He shed His blood and made me whole

Oh Heaven,oh beautiful Heaven

where precious jewls are shining so fair

and the gates of pearl are glowing

how i long for that rest over there.

 Oh Heaven beautiful Heaven

is wating for you and for me

I will live there when my jouney's ended

what a wonderful place it will be.

Lord you know i love you so

and i always will

take me to that place of gold

Lord you are my everything,my everthing

Oh Heaven oh beautiful Heaven

the river of life will glow as crystal

many precious jewels shining so fair

we long for that heaven

to rest over there forever.

Flight Home To The Awesome City February 11, 2008


Flight Home To The Awesome City Of Heaven

Flying in from earth perhaps on angel's wings in awe see the big

picture from an airplane-like view the emerald color circular

rainbow shows the glory of God over the Throne.

It is very hard to get perspective on such a massive place as the

City of God,the dimensions of this picture show it

to be perhaps one twelfth the size of the

foudation like on twelfth of the first

layer of Heaven.

The biblical picture reveals that the City is a square some

1,500 miles on each side,so the Jasper wall is 6,000

miles long.Heaven on this level is 2,250.000

square miles.Later we will share an even

more phenomenal figure on

Heaven's size.

We see a committee of angels gathered around the gate

to Welcome a weary traveler,maybe one or more

had assited in the trip of the earth to Heaven.

Some of the beautiful homes are

highlighted to draw your attention to them.


God,the Son has gone to prepare the awesome

place for those who love HIM.




Arrival At The Eastern Gate

Approaching the door of Heaven through lush Garden of Eden beauty,

and the overwhelming brilliance and massive stature of

the Jasper wall with glory shining out to WELCOME

the faithful,a traveler enters having viewed

the twelve Apostle's name considering

their great witness

(and meeting them soon)

The new arrival is greeted by a glorious angel

with the Book of Life in his hand.

So Peaceful Where Just Love We Can Find...Peace...Hugs...God

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